Heart-full and vulnerable, Melissa inspires audiences to explore interesting topics not normally discussed in corporate environments such as love, vulnerability, the soul, and of course her signature talk, "Why Less is never really MORE." Her infectious curiosity inspires audiences of all sizes to explore and expand their comfort zones and create a life of MORE at work and home. 


SOUL:print is Corporate Soul's signature workshop. Personal branding meets self-empowerment inspires employees to explore the fullest expression of who they are, who they can be, and the value they can contribute to the organization. 

MORE:imagination is Corporate Soul's one-of-a-kind brainstorm session perfect for teams interested in a more creative brainstorming process that capitalizes on the creative process to inspire individuals to take their imaginations further and produce truly original ideas.

Soulful Management is a customized course for managers. Being a manager is probably one of the hardest positions within a company because you must manage up and down, plus focus on your own projects. We work with you to customize a program that will empower your managers to step into inspiring leadership roles focusing on the three most important tools often overlooked in most organizations: wellbeing, wonder, and wisdom. 


We have a saying at MoreSeekers, "seekers need seekers." Often times what we need in order to be our best, to do our best work and be a good human in the process, new tools and techniques when the current ones aren't living up to our expectations, someone with an outside alternative perspective who can really help us see the opportunities that we're often blinded to, and often times we need someone to listen so we can sort through our challenges in a safe and supported environment.

In our one-on-one coaching engagements, we work with employees at all levels to help them navigate their current challenges, see potential challenges and envision real opportunities. Our specialty is in ensuring the best and the brightest have the personal support and accountability they need to continue on a trajectory of personal growth and success.