Align to MORE


Align to MORE


New Year? Check. Goals, resolutions, desires? Roger that. Confidence it will actually happen? Eeeekkk! 

We're big fans of setting goals, identifying your desires, and even making new years resolutions, but the hardest part is actually turning them into realized. 

Why is it so hard to actualize your goals, dreams and desires?

Because often we are out of alignment somewhere in our lives. Something in our behaviors, our environment, our capabilities, our beliefs, etc., is probably kind of out of whack. 

In this 90-minute session we'll work through a interactive and highly innovative exercise that will help you create a crystal clear vision of what it will look, feel, and be like when you actually attain your goals and ensure you're in alignment in order to achieve them.

Similar to what an athletes does before competing, Align to MORE provides you with a proven process to engage both your conscious and subconscious to convert your resolutions from wishes into action.

We'll meet via phone, it will be recorded for your listening pleasure afterward.

And after this 90-minute session you'll

  • Have a crystal clear picture of what it will take to realize your goals
  • Reduce your fears and doubts 
  • Know where you are out of ALIGNMENT and what you must change in order to achieve your dream
  • Understand how your environment, your behaviors, your capabilities, your beliefs, your identity and purpose work together to create your life of MORE

This 90-minutes might not only change your year, it might just change your life!

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