From the top of my heart, thank you Melissa. When I met you I felt I was already on the right path…you not only validated many of my thoughts and beliefs, but you provide clarity and a solid foundation for that path, something I’ve always lacked. You’ve helped me tremendously. I’ve learned and grown so much from my time with you. I don’t know how to thank you, only to let you know I’m going to change the world around me, and you’re a part of that.
— Lee Curc-Dahl, SHI
When you meet Melissa, the first thing you notice about her is her ear to ear smile. The light coming from her is completely contagious. When you know Melissa it’s impossible not to catch her enthusiasm. Melissa’s presence lifts you to a higher plane of consciousness
— Tamar Henry, The Curveball Coach
The concept of MORE has been a transformational one for me. Instead of focusing on what I want less of, this simple yet powerful concept has enabled me to ask (and attempt to answer) the important question of what I want MORE of in my life. This self-directed Q&A has served as a blueprint for me to live my life with MORE intention and to try my best on a daily basis to align my energy investment with my desired outcomes. Whether it’s MORE health and wellness, MORE love, MORE meaning – whatever your MORE(s) are this simple idea will help you achieve clarity and get on the path to MORE in your life. Thanks Mel – as a friend and an inspirational presence in my life you are truly MORE!
— Kevin Adler, Founder, Engage Marketing
Working with Melissa has literally changed my life path in ways I could have never imagined.  I am convinced that I would have continued down the path of false happiness and instant gratification in my career while sacrificing my personal health, wants and desires for years without the enlightenment I achieved through our work.  Instead, now seek truth, health, core inspiration, and deep connection in everything that I do.  Sure, my demons and desires to achieve for others will still pervade my deeper desire to take care of myself, but I am aware of that balance and can now make choices about when and how I want to manage it.  My key foci are as follows, in priority order:  personal happiness, health, career, and friends/family.  Working to flip the last two, but I am making sincere progress and know that this change is engrained in the way I now live my life.
— Kristen Otterson, Top Sales Performer SHI