I deeply believe we shouldn’t have to deprive, restrict, suffer or endure great pain in order to get what we want – lord knows I’ve gone down that path for many years and not only does it suck, it doesn’t work. So I figured why should “cleansing” be any different. It just didn’t make any sense to me when we come perfectly equipped with an amazing natural disposal systems such as our kidney’s, liver and skin – organs designed to “clean”.

It's time to debunk the cleanse myth!

The truth is you don’t have to strip your insides, starve yourself, eat a bunch of funky foods in the form of crazy concoctions to “cleanse” your body. What you really need is to add in more of the good stuff (and yes, sometimes that can be funky stuff) so your body can more effectively and easily deal with the toxins rather than overworking and depleting its natural resources.

And voila! The Anti-Cleanse Cleanse. This new innovative approach will never ask you to eliminate a single item in order to feel INSANELY AMAZING! Instead, the Anti-Cleanse loads up your plate, your mind, your body, your soul with as much of the good stuff as possible to give you exactly what you need to live a life of MORE.

I used to think the only way to making myself feel great was to eliminate just about everything from my diet as possible, feel like absolute sh*t and work really really hard at depriving myself of everything I loved, and craved. The truth is we don’t need to rob and deplete ourselves in order to kick our bodies natural cleansing mechanism into gear. What we need is to give ourselves MORE of the good stuff – the right type of nourishment and support so it can run with “effortless ease” (as Deepak Chopra would say).

 So if you want to do something amazingly good for your body and you’re thinking a cleanse is the ticket to "Amazingdom", BUT you’d rather stick a sharp stick in your eye than submit to pain and suffering. Then this, my friend, is the cleanse for you!

MORE Good Stuff.

Most of us have a tendency to eat whatever’s convenient which results in lots of eating out, packaged foods, just about anything we can eat while texting, typing or talking. Life! It’s kind of the nature of the beast. The sad fact is we end up forgoing all the amazing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals from fresh ingredients that keep our bodies from tipping its pH scale in the acid direction. Yep, you read that right - ACID. Our Modern American Diet, or M.A.D. as I like to call it, which is full of acid-forming foods and chemicals like sugar, manufactured supplements, dairy, gluten, and even beef, puts our bodies into overdrive, overtime, and overuse in an effort to maintain the healthy environment in which all systems run smoothly. Do you know why Doctors and the like keep pushing Calcium on us as if it were a street drug? It’s because Calcium is what neutralizes the acidic environment in our bodies from our poor eating habits, stress, lack of sleep, even negative thoughts. These are all nasty acid pushers, and our bones, our brains, our libido, and our energy levels pay an insane price.

So, would we be better off living a lifestyle that didn’t include sugar, wheat, dairy, soy, and corn, focusing on being less stressed, and drinking less wine? You know what? The answer is MAYBE. For some of us elimination and reduction works, for the rest of us who aren’t living our lives like extremist crazy radicals it can be like voluntarily signing yourself up for a root canal – NO THANK YOU!

The truth is everyone could benefit by focusing their attention on adding MORE of the good stuff in. By thinking in terms of adding rather than eliminating, we’re setting our bodies and our minds in motion towards fulfillment, enjoyment, bliss rather than rooting ourselves in the ugly and scary negative thinking patterns that come with lack, scarcity, and less; starving our bodies, minds and souls of pleasure, nourishment, richness and indulgence. And isn’t that why what we live for?

The key is to think: MORE Good Stuff. By “good stuff” I don’t mean cronuts, Captain Crunch, Jack Daniels or Betty Crocker. By “good stuff” I’m talking green tea, deep breaths, heart pumping movement, pure clean water, leafy greens, and big bright juicy oranges that bring the senses to life the minute you crack the peel – oh yea, you know what I'm talking about. This is the stuff of MORE, this is what will get your body, mind and soul firing on all cylinders without feeling like you want to chop off your right arm and eat it for dinner.

 The Anti-Cleanse Cleanse

This is 14- or 21-day experience into the world of MORE where morning, day and night you’ll be filling yourself up and will never ever be required to take anything out of your diet, or your life. You read that right – NEVER! Instead, we’ll focus on adding in a plethora of wonderful goodness designed to give your body, mind, and spirit everything it needs to power up the cleansing process and leave you walking around feeling like there’s no way your life could get any better.

The best ways I know to start incorporating MORE is by creating rituals – I like to think of it as creating beautiful healthy habits that turn your day, your body, your world from good to great. OK, that’s probably an over exaggeration, but you get what I’m saying. I actually crave my morning workout now, so much so I, Melissa Mizer, actually wake-up at 5a just to make it happen – if you know me that sounds CRAZY (but I’m not joking)! So the Anti-Cleanse process is based in rituals - adding good stuff into your morning, day, evening and nighttime routine with the intent to make this so easy and fun perhaps you’ll actually start craving the foods, the activities, even the process.


How the Anti-Cleanse Works

You’ll be given everything you need to start your journey of MORE. At the core of your cleanse will be “The Rites of MORE”. You’ll receive one for each of the four parts of the day (morning, day, evening, night). Each “Rite of More” is specifically designed for that daypart in order to fire up your body’s natural cleansing ability. You’ll add in all sorts of wonderfulness like water, probiotics, essential vitamins, sleep, simple green salads, short breathing exercises, mediation and yes, heart pumping movement that I promise will make the difference between having a good day and having an INCREDIBLE day. We’ll start off simple with just a few things and we’ll add in MORE as we go, giving our bodies and minds the chance to take it all in, adjust, and embrace all the goodness you’re giving it. And again, you’ll never be required to take out a single vice, luxury, or indulgence - unless you want.

You can choose to experience MORE through the Anti-Cleanse for 14 days or 21 days. The 21-day program is designed for those who’ve cleansed before and are comfortable with eliminating foods and/or those who want to eliminate specific foods from their diet in order to learn about intolerances, allergies, as well as for those interested in overcoming some habits that might not be making a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. The extra week is designed to go deeper and will include a slightly different food protocol in addition to eliminating specific foods.

No matter which Anti-Cleanse you choose you’ll create the environment for good cravings, increase mental clarity, maximize productivity, and maybe even shed a few of those unwanted pounds in the process - BONUS! But most importantly I have this feeling you’re going to simply feel fricking amazing!    


The Anti-Cleanse Cleanse includes:

The Rites of More – daily ritual protocol sheets explaining exactly what to do morning, day, evening and night. These will include specific foods or recipes, supplements, meditation, breathing, stretching, workout time, and other fun exercises to help you discover MORE.

  • Shopping list
  • A collection of my favorite “Good Stuff” recipes
  • The Daily Ritual email filled with ideas, inspiration and intentions to help you stay on track
  • Food elimination protocol (21-Day Cleanse)
  • Week 3 recipes (21-day Cleanse)
  • Recommended reading list
  • 90-minute Kick-off call (recorded for your convenience)
  • Facebook Support Group to help you stay on track and get the MORE you want from your cleanse

You’re going to love this! Your body is going to love you! Your lover is going to love your new attitude. And your boss is going to wonder what you’re putting in your Wheaties with all the great ideas and energy you’ll be bringing to the table. That “golden” euphoric feeling is just 14 short days away.

We’ll get kicked off on Wednesday, MAY 28. And don’t say, “I have to think about it.” What’s there to think about when your committing to 14 days of MORE?

See you on MAY 28 @ 7pCST.