My wildest and craziest dream is everyone living on this great big blue beautiful planet to BE|LIVE|DO|HAVE everything your sweet soul desires.

I want MORE.

For me. For you. For all of us.

I’m a MoreSeeker. Its in my heart, it radiates from the depths of my soul, it lights my fire.

I’ve discovered absolutely, positively, without a doubt … MORE is the key to everything.

Focusing on the more you want rather than what you don’t have (lack), what you don’t want (less), or why you can’t have it (limits), is magical, it’s where life takes flight, how miracles happen, and it’s the way we create our own personal heaven on earth. Truth.

I’m utterly and completely devoted to this dream, and to yours. I not only want you to want what you want, I want your every desire to be fulfilled. I want you to create a life that includes beautiful effortless ease, no struggling, muscling or chasing required. This to me is what living a life of MORE is really all about. It’s finding pleasure and pride, love and enthusiasm, faith and joy as much in the process of fulfillment as in the desire itself.

MoreSeekers is dedicated to just this. A sacred and vibrant space dedicated to all of us who want MORE – from the timid and inexperienced to the bold and masterful – the ones who choose to be filled up rather than empty, liberated rather than stuck, over the moon rather than behind the eight ball. May you gather, learn, share, practice, fashionably adorn yourself, decorate the world, express your feelings, live from your truth, stand in your power, teach, see the world, and receive all that your heart desires.

And may MORE find you. Here and everywhere.

If you feel called, if you want MORE, you’re in great company. I would be honored to have you join me and all the other amazing, talented, love-filled MoreSeekers. This is the adventure of a lifetime, one where your most outrageous dreams and your simplest desires finally get the chance to be turned into realized. Welcome.